Backrooms Elevator Level


★★★★★★ Game Description ★★★★★★

Get Ready to discover the story of the backrooms horror office a survival games experience, challenging and full of puzzles and mystery, Backrooms Horror office is a horror survival game puzzle, When you play as Mr.Tony a journalist at the official newspaper who will find himself trapped in a Backrooms elevator level, a scary game experience, full of fear and horror, against the backrooms entity.

Backrooms Horror office is a spooky and scary game experience when you try to escape from the backroom elevator level, and solve the office murder mystery.

★★★★★★ The story behind Backrooms Horror Office★★★★★★

On Monday, was a long day at work, Mr. Tony stays too late working on some files,

But suddenly his boss's secretary calls him to say that he
needs to meet the boss.

But before Mr.tony left the office, he make sure he prepare the paperwork to give to his boss, after that Mr.Tony take the elevator and take the second floor.

but suddenly the elevator crashed, and after a while, it stop moving, and the doors opened, but it wasn't the boss's office, is the backrooms elevator level.

Mr.Tony needs to escape or is Mr.Tony can escape from the backroom's horror elevator?

★★★★★★ Gameplay ★★★★★★

You play as Mr. Tony, who is trapped in a backroom elevator level, and he needs to find a way out from the horror of the backroom level, Stay alert you are not alone in those backrooms, the place full of fears.

★★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★★

- Experience survival horror

- Immersive Graphics

- Challenging puzzles

- Great Sound Design

- Scary atmosphere

- Random Gameplay

- Good story

★★★★★★ If you want to have a scary time and fun gameplay, play Backrooms Horror Office now and try to escape from this the backrooms elevator level. Frights are guaranteed.
It is recommended to play with headphones for a better experience.
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